0715.000.00 SSI-SP Cases

0715.010.10 SP Grant Determination for AB SSI-SP Recipients

For AB SP-SSI recipients, determine the grant by using one of the following computation methods:

  1. Follow Steps 1-4 of SP Grant Determination for OAA/PTD SP-SSI to calculate income and subtract the totals from the December 1973 EIL; OR
  2. Complete an SAB need determination; and if there is need, subtract the AB conversion recipient’s SSI payment amount from the BP maximum to obtain the SP grant. Use the computation which is most beneficial to the recipient.

    NOTE: When the current BP maximum minus the SSI payment amount is used, it DOES NOT create a high valid payment and the grant must be increased and decreased as necessary. If, at a later date, the claimant becomes ineligible for SAB OR it is no longer of benefit to use the BP maximum minus the recipient’s SSI payment amount, take appropriate action to close the SAB case. If the claimant continues to be eligible for SSI, restore SSI-SP conversion status. The HIGHEST VALID payment using the EIL computation IS MAINTAINED.