0715.000.00 SSI-SP Cases

0715.020.05 Suspension of SSI

If SSI payments are suspended, determine if the claimant continues to meet SP-Only eligibility during this suspended SSI status.

When the EIL method is used to compute the SP amount and SSA puts the SSI payment of an SSI-SP conversion case in suspension status, evaluate the reason for suspension AND determine if eligibility for SP is affected.

Determine continued SP eligibility when SSI is suspended due to:

  1. address unknown – code S06,
  2. SSI check has been returned – code S07,
  3. miscellaneous reasons and SSI check has been returned – code S09.

In the above instances, determine if the claimant has moved and has not reported a change of address to SSI. If this situation occurs, notify the claimant to report the change to SSA; and notify SSA of this change using the Social Security Referral Request Form.

If the claimant cannot be located, follow adverse action procedures to close the case.

When the BP maximum minus the SSI payment amount is the method used to determine the AB conversion claimant’s grant and SSA suspends the SSI payment amount, evaluate for continued eligibility. Make necessary grant adjustments if the claimant continues to meet SAB eligibility.