0715.000.00 SSI-SP Cases

0715.020.10 Ineligibility for SSI

If information is obtained that indicates the claimant is ineligible for SSI, use the Social Security Referral Request Form to notify SSA. When SSA lifts the suspension or closes the case, take appropriate action on the Title XIX and SP grant.

If the SSI-SP recipient becomes ineligible for SSI, SSA will notify the county. Investigate the claimant’s eligibility for SP-Only. If the claimant continues to meet the December 1973 eligibility requirements for either OAA, PTD, or AB and the claimant’s income (excluding OASDI cost-of-living adjustments received July 1975 or later) does not meet the EIL, transfer to SP-Only. If the claimant is ineligible for SP, close the conversion case.

If the claimant regains SSI eligibility at a later date, restore the claimant’s SSI-SP conversion status to the highest valid SP level held while in an SSI-SP status. Cancel close the case (refer to 0705.000.00 Common Procedures of Conversion Categories).