Supplemental Payments Manual

0720.000.00 SP-Only Cases

SP-Only recipients are those persons:

  1. who received a cash OAA, PTD, or AB grant in December 1973;
  2. who could not be converted to SSI in January 1974 because they were not income eligible for SSI AND continue to remain ineligible for SSI; and
  3. whose December 1973 EIL would not be met unless they received an additional payment.

The State of Missouri, through legislation, elected to make this additional payment. Because of this, FSD is mandated to provide a Supplemental Payments Only program (SP-Only) for non-SSI recipients.

EXAMPLE: A PTD claimant received a $40 grant in December 1973. He also had unearned income of $270. He was not eligible for SSI because of income ($270 – $20 = $250, which exceeds the 1973 SSI maximum of $140.) The claimant’s December 1973 EIL was $310. In order to maintain the claimant’s December 1973 EIL, the claimant was converted to SP and continued to receive a $40 SP grant.

Additional legislation was passed in July 1975 which excluded Social Security cost-of-living adjustments from July 1975 forward in the determination of the SP amount.

SP-Only recipients have the following guarantee (conversion right): the December 1973 EIL is maintained as long as the claimant continues to meet the December 1973 OAA, PTD, or AB eligibility requirements.

The SP payment may be increased or decreased to maintain the EIL. It cannot be decreased because of Social Security cost-of-living adjustments received in July 1975 or later.

EXAMPLE: Mrs. Reeves was receiving an OASDI benefit under her husband’s account number. In November, she began to receive an OASDI benefit under her own Social Security number. The entire monthly amount she received for November under her own OASDI number is counted in determining her SP grant. Any subsequent increases are disregarded.