0720.000.00 SP-Only Cases

0720.010.05 SP Grant Determination for OAA/PTD SP-Only Recipients

For OAA or PTD SP-Only recipients, determine the grant by as follows:

  1. Add the earned income; use the gross earned income from:
    1. wages, and
    2. self employment minus OVERHEAD expenses.
  2. Add any unearned income (excluding Social Security cost of living adjustments received July 1975 or later). When the recipient initially receives OASDI, count the entire amount of the benefit and disregard any subsequent cost of living increases.In addition to the situation in which the recipient initially receives a social security benefit, ANY increase in a social security benefit other than the cost of living adjustments beginning July 1985, is treated as income.EXAMPLE: Mrs. Reeves was receiving an OASDI benefit under her own account number. In November, she received an increase in benefits due to the death of her spouse. The increase is paid out of her husband’s account; however, Mrs. Reeves continues to receive under her own account number. The increase received due to her husband’s death is identifiable and is added to the countable OASDI previously received by Mrs. Reeves. Exclude any subsequent cost of living increases added to the full countable amount.

    NOTE: Retroactive payments by DFS or Social Security (SSA/SSI) are not considered an available resource for six (6) months from the date of receipt of such benefits.

  3. Add any payment(s) received as the result of TPL overages. Consider theses payments as income for the month in which they are received. (See Medicaid Procedures Manual; Third Party Liability; Distribution of Collections.)
  4. Subtract the totals of (1), (2), and (3) from the December 1973 EIL, to obtain the grant amount.