Supplemental Payments Manual

0720.015.00 OAA/PTD SP-Only Meets SAB Criteria

If it is determined that an OAA or PTD SP-Only conversion recipient currently meets the SAB eligibility factors, it may be to the claimant’s advantage to transfer to SAB. Use the following procedure:

  1. take and process an SAB application
  2. close the SP-Only case, and
  3. approve SAB

NOTE: If, at a later date, the claimant becomes ineligible for SAB OR it is no longer a benefit to use the BP maximum, determine if the recipient continues to meet the December 1973 OAA, PTD, or AB eligibility factors and the claimant’s countable income does not equal or exceed his EIL. If so, recompute the claimant’s SP grant, restore the SP-Only conversion status by cancel closing, and close the SAB case.

If the claimant becomes ineligible for SAB due only to need, consider a BP application if it benefits the claimant more than restoring the SP-Only conversion status.