Supplemental Payments Manual

0740.000.00 Procedures for December 1973 Cash and Vendor Cases

Claimants who RECEIVED CASH AND VENDOR PAYMENTS in December 1973 continue to be eligible for the cash grant.

To be classified as a “cash and vendor” case, the claimant must receive the cash payment while in vendor status.

EXAMPLE 1: Ms. Jones was approved for vendor in November 1973. Since she had no income, she also received a cash grant. In December 1973, the case was classified as “cash and vendor”.

EXAMPLE 2: On December 9, 1973, after he received an $85 OAA grant, Mr. Brown entered a nursing home. He was approved for vendor December 21. Although Mr. Brown received a cash grant as well as vendor in December 1973, his case was NOT classified as a “cash and vendor” case.

These instructions apply only to those cases properly classified as “cash and vendor” (i.e. EXAMPLE 1).

The majority of these cases are classified as SSI-SP cases. As such, they are included in the non-reduction requirements covering other SSI-SP cases. This means that as long as the claimant receives an SSI payment, the SP grant cannot be reduced. If the claimant is NOT receiving an SSI payment, the case is classified as an SP-Only case and is subject to grant reductions as income increases. Remember: the Social Security cost-of-living adjustments since July 1975 are excluded.

These are the ONLY cases in which both a cash and vendor payment may be made.