0740.000.00 Procedures for December 1973 Cash and Vendor Cases

0740.005.05 Personal Need Standard for Cash and Vendor Cases

The current personal need standard for all vendor cases is $30. This standard applies to all vendor claimants, including those who were eligible for vendor only in December 1973. The only exception to the $30 personal need standard is the December 1973 cash and vendor cases.

Since the personal need standards in effect in December 1973 differed according to category, the instructions for cash and vendor cases differ according to the category (OAA, PTD, AB) under which the claimant was approved.

Personal need standards in effect in December 1973 are as follows:

  1. The personal need standard for PTD/Vendor cases was $30 (an $18 personal standard and a $12 medical standard).
  2. The personal need standard for OAA/Vendor cases was $41 (the $30 standard and an $11 adjustment by policy).
  3. The personal need standard for AB/Vendor cases was $88 (an $18 personal standard, a $12 medical standard, and a $58 special standard for the blind). In addition to the higher personal standard, the AB cash and vendor cases are further complicated by the fact that if there was any deficit on the budget, the AB claimant was eligible for the maximum AB grant ($110 in December 1973.)

NOTE: In some cases, the claimant may have been allowed the cost of house payments, rent, or other special allowances in addition to the above standards. It is important to protect the valid personal need standard that was in effect in December 1973, even if it exceeds the $30, $41, or $88 listed above.