0740.000.00 Procedures for December 1973 Cash and Vendor Cases

0740.005.10 Guarantees Made to the AB Cash and Vendor Claimant

In handling AB cash and vendor cases, two separate guarantees were made to these claimants.

  1. The right to an SP grant to maintain the claimant’s December 1973 EIL.
    • EXAMPLE 1: Ms. Brown was receiving a $110 cash grant and vendor payments in December 1973 based on AB categorical requirements. Her income consisted of $63 OASDI and $110 AB. Her EIL is $173. She was not eligible for SSI because of her OASDI income. Therefore, she began receiving a $110 SP grant in January 1974 to maintain her $173 EIL.
  2. The claimant’s right to retain $88 for personal needs.
    • EXAMPLE 2: In EXAMPLE 1: Ms. Brown’s surplus amount was also computed. Based on December 1973 budgeting procedures, Ms. Brown was allowed an $88 personal needs expense. Any income she had in excess of this amount had to be paid to the nursing home. Ms. Brown had income of $173. Since she was allowed to keep $88 for her personal needs, she had to pay $85 ($173 – $88 = $85) to the nursing home.