Supplemental Payments Manual

0745.010.00 Loss of SP Eligibility

An SP-Only or SSI-SP recipient loses eligibility the SP grant when he/she:

  1. dies,
  2. moves out of state (not just visiting),
  3. cannot be located,
  4. is no longer eligible for SSI including suspension of SSI benefits and does not meet SP-Only eligibility,
  5. enters an institution in which benefits cannot be paid by DFS, or
  6. VOLUNTARILY withdraws from or terminates SSI benefits.NOTE: Ineligibility for public assistance is effective for the month in which the withdrawal or termination from SSI is effective. (Regulation 40-2.140).

Follow adverse action procedures, as applicable, and close the case.

Cancel close the case and restore SP-Only or SSI-SP status if the recipient:

  1. returns to the state,
  2. is located or leaves the institution,
  3. regains eligibility for SSI.

Refer to Common Procedures of Conversion Categories.