Supplemental Payments Manual

0745.015.00 SSI-SP/SP-Only Eligibility for SNC Payments

If an SSI-SP or SP-Only recipient enters a licensed RCF; Assisted Living (formerly RCF-II) or an intermediate/skilled nursing facility, determine whether the claimant is eligible for a higher benefit under the SNC program. If the SNC payment is higher than the conversion payment and the claimant is willing to sign a SNC application, process a SNC application. The recipient must meet the eligibility requirements for SNC to receive an SNC payment. If the claimant is eligible for SNC and this change is beneficial to the claimant, close the SSI-SP or SP-Only case and open the SNC case.

This closing of the conversion case does not terminate the claimant’s right to regain conversion status if the claimant’s circumstances change. To reinstate the conversion status, close the SNC and cancel close the SSI-SP, or SP case.