Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0203.015.00 Applications Received With No Residential or Mailing Address

IM-167 November 27, 2019

If an application is received with no address information or an invalid mailing address, FSD staff should contact the customer to obtain their current residential and/or mailing address. Update FAMIS and make comments on how the information was obtained.

If unable to contact by phone FSD staff should:

  • Attempt to locate an address through MEDES, MODL, or IIVE.
  • If staff are unable to establish a valid address, the application should be desk rejected.
    • Complete the IM-33 using “unknown address” as the address and use rejection reason “We are unable to locate you. This is in accordance with the following Missouri Revised Statutes (RSMo 208.010).”
    • The IM-33 should be scanned to their electronic case record.
    • If they had a previous case in FAMIS make a comment on EUMEMROL.