Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0205.005.20.05 Good Faith Effort to Sell

  1. In order to show a good faith effort to sell, a family must:
    1. list the real property with a reputable real estate agent and cooperate with the real estate agent in marketing the property (i.e., showing the property, setting a realistic sales price, etc.) OR publicly advertise the property for sale no less than weekly in a general newspaper
    2. accept reasonable purchase offers (i.e., meeting realistic sales price); and
    3. initiate any legal action necessary to force a sale when other owners outside the assistance group do not wish to sell
  2. Monitor good faith efforts: The participant must report the following:
    1. which realtor the property is listed with OR proof of weekly advertising in a general newspaper
    2. all purchase offers and their disposition; and
    3. if necessary to force a sale, what legal actions have been initiated

    Use the realtor as the primary source of information to verify the participant’s cooperation.

  3. If claimant is not making a good faith effort to sell, send advance notice of proposed closing due to excess resources.