Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0205.010.10 Failure to Complete an SSN Application

Individuals failing to complete an application for an SSN or failing to verify an existing SSN are not eligible for assistance.  Do not include their needs in the budget.  Budget their gross income, if any, in the 185 percent test and the need determination.  For earned income, allow only the standard work expense and any child care expense paid, up to the maximum.

When processing applications containing individuals who have not applied for an SSN or who have not verified an existing number, use the following procedures.

  1. At application, give the family a reasonable length of time (up to 15 days) to apply for the SSN or replacement card, entering this date on the SSN-1.  If sending the claimant a request for information form, notate the claimant must apply for the SSN on that form.
  2. If no response is received from SSA within two days following the date given on the SSN-1, inform the family that an SSN application needs to be completed.
  3. If SSA returns the SSN-1 indicating the SSN application was not completed, immediately inform the family the SSN application must be completed.  Assist the family in any way possible to get this completed.
  4. For cases in which some assistance group members have complied, while others have not, by the 30th day following application, use the following procedures:
    1. Approve other members of the assistance group if eligible.  Leave the non-compliant individual(s) in pending status.  Do not include their needs in the budget.  Include their income.
    2. Notify the family of approval.
    3. Notify the family that the non-compliant individual is still pending because we do not have the SSN or proof of application.
    4. When the individual complies, add them to the case, or approve the case, recommending any retroactive payments necessary.  Notify the family of this action.
    5. If the individual refuses to comply, do not include their needs in determining the amount of cash assistance.  Notify the family that the individual is ineligible.
  5. If the non-compliant individual is the only eligible child or if all members of the assistance group do not comply, deny the application after the 45th day and notify the family.
  6. Individuals denied due to failure to apply for, or disclose, an existing SSN must verify they have complied and reapply to receive assistance.  Their eligibility begins no earlier than the date they comply.  Determine cooperation on this factor at each reinvestigation.