Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0205.030.10 Required Living Arrangements for Minor Parents

Section 608(a)(5)(A) of the Social Security Act requires, as a condition of eligibility for Temporary Assistance, that a minor parent under the age of eighteen who is not married and who is applying for a child of his or her own must live in a place of residence maintained by his/her own parent, legal guardian, or other adult relative or in some other adult supervised supportive living arrangement.  Exceptions to the requirement may be allowed in accordance with section 608(a)(5)(B) of the Social Security Act.

For purposes of this provision, a minor parent is a parent under the age of eighteen, including the month of his or her eighteenth birthday, who is not married and who has a dependent child in his or her care.

The place of residence maintained by the minor parent’s own parent is the home of his or her biological or adoptive parent.  The other adult relatives with whom the minor parent may live are those over the age of eighteen who meet the definition of an eligible caretaker relative, as described in section 0205.025.00 Relationship of Payee to Child.

An adult supervised supportive living arrangement means a private family setting or other living arrangement (not including a public institution), which is maintained as a family.  Evidence of this is by the assumption of responsibility for the care and control of the minor parent and dependent, or the provision of supportive services, counseling, guidance, or supervision.