Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0205.035.00 Residence

13 CSR 40-2.310(1)(B) states to be eligible for Temporary Assistance, the payee and children must be Missouri residents.

A state resident:

  1. lives in the state voluntarily, intending to make a home there, not for a temporary purpose (a child is a resident of the state in which he/she is living other than on a temporary basis); or
  2. at the time of application, lives in the state and is not receiving assistance from another state, and entered the state with a job commitment or seeking employment in the state, whether or not currently employed (under this definition, the child is a resident of the state in which the caretaker is a resident).

EXAMPLE:  Ms. G left Oklahoma last week and came to Missouri with her two children. She was promised a job picking beans with a produce company she worked for in Oklahoma, Ms. G had not started to work, but plans to start next week. Ms. G and her two children meet the eligibility factor of residence.

Residence is retained until abandoned. Temporary absence from the state with subsequent returns, or intent to return when the purposes of the absence have been accomplished, does not interrupt continuity of residence.