Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0205.050.05 Death of Parent

In most instances, the participant has documents verifying the death of a parent.  If not, establish eligibility based on the parent’s absence from the home.  Such a situation usually arises when the parent is separated or divorced at the time of the alleged death.

When the participant does not have documents showing both the fact and cause of death, obtain further information following Temporary Assistance approval.  The cause of death may have an important bearing on the family’s eligibility.  For example, investigate the possibility of compensation or a damages lawsuit resulting from accidental death.  Information as to life insurance, Social Security or VA benefits, property, etc., may also be important in relation to need.

Children living with either parent are deprived of parental support or care if the other parent is deceased.

If death is verified at initial application, do not refer to DCSE.