Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0205.050.10.15 Incarceration

Although the duration of imprisonment does not affect present eligibility for Temporary Assistance, it is important to know the length of the incarceration, and date of probable release.  Secure this information, usually from court records or the institution, or the Division of Probation and Parole.

Temporary visits by the absent parent due to temporary leave of absence from a penal institution do not affect eligibility.

A parent is considered as continually absent from the home due to incarceration when:  convicted of an offense and under a court sentence; a sentence requires, and the parent is performing, unpaid public work or unpaid community service during working hours; and the court to live at home while serving the sentence because of crowded jail conditions or other reasons.

If unable to verify incarceration at initial application, attempt to obtain documentary verification as quickly as possible.

If unable to verify incarceration, treat the situation as if the parent were absent from the home.