Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0205.050.20.10 Medical Examination

Obtain a statement containing a diagnosis of illness or incapacity from the individuals doctor (except under the conditions stated in 0205.050.20.05 Obvious Incapacity). If they do not have previous medical care or records, an appointment for an examination should be scheduled.

When the physician specifies a person is permanently incapacitated, it is not necessary to require a medical examination at the time of each reinvestigation. However, a new medical examination is obtained at least once every two years unless:

  1. the recipient appears to have improved to be able to engage in a work activity; OR
  2. the disability is now obviously incapacitating, in which case no examination is needed

FSD pays the cost of general medical examinations. However, if the examining physician believes that examination by a specialist or that x-ray, electrocardiogram, or laboratory tests are required to determine eligibility, payment for such tests is also allowable according to actual charges. The examining physician decides the necessity for additional tests. If the physician is equipped to perform the additional tests, add extra charges to the cost of the medical examination. If available, local funds are used for paying the costs of medical examinations.