Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0205.050.20.15 Using Confidential Medical Reports

On occasion, a report of medical findings is received in which the examining physician or issuing source (such as VA Hospital) placed limitations prohibiting disclosure of the contents and findings.

The confidential stamp has no bearing on using the report.  It is necessary, however, to determine if the report could be harmful to the person if reviewed by him/her.  If decided the report would be harmful, do not use the report.

When a medical report is received with confidential restrictions as to disclosure, and such report is an essential factor in an INELIGIBILITY decision, apply the following procedures.

  1. If used, the confidential medical report becomes a permanent part of the case record and is open for review by the family and/or other representative on request.
  2. If determined that the report could be harmful to the individual if reviewed, return the report and other medical information to the issuing source.