Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0205.055.00 Assignment of Support Rights

IM-84 November 18, 2009

An applicant for or participant receiving Temporary Assistance (TA) shall assign to the Family Support Division (FSD) on behalf of the State of Missouri any right to support from any other person such applicant or participant may have on his/her own behalf or on behalf of any other family member for whom the applicant or participant is applying or receiving such assistance (Section 208.040.2(2) RSMo, Section 208.055.1(2) RSMo).

The amount assigned to FSD is the amount of the TA grant or the court ordered current child support obligation, whichever is less, while the child(ren) is receiving TA. The assignment ends once the child(ren) no longer receives TA.

The assignment authorizes the Family Support Division–Child Support Enforcement (CSE) to bring any administrative or judicial action to establish, modify or enforce a current support obligation, to collect support arrearages accrued under an existing support order, or to seek reimbursement of Temporary Assistance provided.

Application for or participation in the Temporary Assistance program shall constitute an assignment to the State of Missouri of support rights for Temporary Assistance. The assignment shall take effect when the applicant is determined eligible for assistance.