Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0210.015.00 Income

IM-96 August 26, 2005; IM-155 November 21, 2002

In determining need, consider all income available during the period under consideration. To consider available, the income must actually exist and be usable by the applicant or recipient. EXCEPTION: Income received by an SSI, SSI-SP, SP or SAB recipient who lives in a Temporary Assistance household is not considered available.

NOTE:  When potential eligibility for RSDI, UC, or veteran’s benefits exists, but the participant (or spouse) refuses to apply for these benefits, reject or close the case.  Inform the family of their obligation to  apply for benefits.  The family must cooperate with the other agency’s requirements in pursuing these benefits. DES notifies FSD when an applicant or participant:

  • Is placed in or obtains part-time or full-time employment; and/or
  • Receives UC benefits, the UC benefit amount changes, or UC benefits are terminated.

Determine eligibility based on need by projection.  Projection is defined as the best estimate of the income and circumstances that will exist.  This estimate is based on reasonable expectation and knowledge of the individual’s current, past, or future circumstances.

In ESTIMATING THE AMOUNT OF INCOME, consider all factors that most accurately estimate and reflect the amount of income to be received.

Review any information available showing income and expenses during the past 30 days.  Discuss with the household any changes expected or predicted in income and expenses by comparing information over the past 30 days.  If income fluctuates to the extent that a 30-day period does not accurately indicate projected income, choose a method that accurately indicates future income.  Under these circumstances, using a minimum of a two-month time period is recommended.  Record the basis for the time period used.

During an application, budget income that will not continue as actual income for the month of receipt.

Budget income that starts while the application is pending using actual income in the month the income starts and project for future months.

Also use actual income in a month in which an entire pay period is missed but the employment situation is unchanged.

Since projected income estimates income and the family’s variances are not circumstance during a month recovered or deficiencies paid with the following exceptions.

  1. If the claimant failed to report income or circumstances he/she was aware of, recover any overpayment.
  2. If the caseworker erred in making the decision, considering the information available, recover the overpayment or make a deficiency payment.