Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0210.015.15 Interim Changes in Income

The participant is required to report changes within ten days.  Obtain verification and complete the budget within ten days.  If decreasing a grant or closing a case, allow an additional ten days for the notice of adverse action to expire.

Any grant decrease is effective the month following the month of change or the month following expiration of the notice of adverse action.  In computing an overpayment, the first month of overpayment is the first month that could have been affected had the change been reported and acted upon timely.

Any grant increase is effective no later than the month following the month the change is reported.

If a decrease in gross monthly income of $50 or more is reported or discovered, a deficiency payment is made for the month in which the change is reported.  Total earnings for the month of report and divide by the number of pay periods.  Convert the new average to monthly income.  Use this figure to determine if the change is $50 and to determine the deficiency payment owed.

If a participant reports a loss of income for an entire pay period, but the employment situation has not changed, budget only the actual income received that month.  If verification of income for one or more pay periods is not available, use available information to project the best estimate of income for that month.  Make a deficiency payment for the month in which a zero pay period(s) occurs.  Do not adjust the grant for future months, as the employment situation has not changed.