Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0210.015.30.22 New Spouse Disregard

IM-85 August 28, 2015

When an active Temporary Assistance participant gets married, the new spouse’s income and resources are disregarded when determining continued eligibility for six months of consecutive receipt of TA cash benefits.

This disregard is available for six (6) consecutive months the TA participant receives a TA benefit and is:

  • Allowed once-in-a-lifetime for the TA recipient that marries, and
  • Applied to both parents in a two-parent household that marry, if both are active TA recipients on the marriage date

NOTE: The new spouse disregard excludes all income of the individual who is the new spouse of the TA recipient. This disregard will be used before other earned income disregards. This disregard is applied to the new spouse’s income, therefore of the TA recipient has an earned income disregard applied to their own earnings, that disregard will remain open.