Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0210.015.45 Income From Job Corps

  1. Job Corps participants receive two types of allowances.
    1. Living allowance that usually increases at the end of two months participation, and that usually increases at the end of six months participation. Persons at the six month level may earn merit increases.
    2. Readjustment allowance not paid to the participant monthly, but placed in an account and paid to the participant upon leaving Job Corps.
  2. The Job Corps participant can authorize an allotment to be sent to certain dependents. This allotment is matched with a like amount by Job Corps. The amount contributed by the participant toward an allotment is deducted from the readjustment allowance.
  3. Non-residential Job Corps participants often receive money for training-related expenses, such as lunches and transportation to and from the Job Corps training site.