Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0210.015.55 Compliance With Work Requirement

IM-106 August 7, 2017IM-84 August 28, 2015

When a sanction is imposed for non-compliance with work-related activities, the sanction follows the individual.

The Temporary Assistance grant continues at the reduced amount until the individual:

  1. complies with Missouri Work Assistance (MWA) program work-related requirements;
  2. has good cause for not participating in the MWA program;
  3. meets an exemption; or
  4. meets an exclusion; or
  5. has received the reduced grant for ten weeks, and the TA case is closed for non-cooperation with the work requirements. This is called a full family sanction.

It is the responsibility of MWA staff to determine compliance with work activity requirements.

When the participant has complied with work requirements, the following steps are taken to lift the sanction:

  1. The MWA case manager recommends lifting the sanction in the MWA Case Management System.
  2. MWA Case Management System sends a code to lift the sanction in the overnight batch file that is sent to FAMIS.
  3. FAMIS begins the process to lift the sanction by:
    1. Completing a budget, removing the 50% sanction of grant, (if the individual is also sanctioned for failing to cooperate with child support, the 25% sanction will remain);
    2. Generating the Claimant Action Notice (FA-150);
    3. Generating a reminder to the eligibility specialist (ES) when the payee also has an active Food Stamp case (refer to the Food Stamp manual section 1115.080.00 Prohibition in Increasing Food Stamp Benefits for the action that needs to be taken on the Food Stamp case ONLY); and
    4. Ending the WR5 sanction on the Sanction/Disqualification (SANDISQ or FMAM) screen.
  4. No action is necessary by the ES.

When an individual applies for TA after the case was closed due to a full family sanction, the following steps are taken to lift the sanction:

  1. When the application is registered, FAMIS will send a referral overnight to the MWA Case Management system.
  2. The case manager will schedule a meeting with the individual to explain what they must do to lift the sanction.
  3. When the individual has completed thirty hours in a work activity for at least one week, the MWA case manager will send an alert to FAMIS to end the full family sanction.
  4. FAMIS will end the WRF sanction on the Sanction/Disqualification (SANDISQ or FMAM) screen.
  5. No action is necessary by the ES.

NOTE: Review the work requirements with the applicant. If they now meet an exemption or exclusion, update the TA Work Requirement (COMPACT) screen and Work Requirement Indicator code. End the full family sanction (WRF) on the Sanction/Disqualification (SANDISQ) screen and enter the code for the end reason. No information or alerts are needed from the MWA case manager.

NOTE: Full Family Sanctions are not to be deleted by field staff. If it is determined a review of the sanction is necessary, email the Temporary Assistance Program and Policy unit at FSD.COLETAPOLICY@dss.mo.gov with the name, DCN, and the reason a review is requested.

Refer to 0205.060.35 Sanctions for Refusal to Cooperate for information regarding sanctions due to non-cooperation with Child Support.