Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0210.020.00 Payment and Grant Amount

IM-11 February 9, 2023; IM-155 November 21, 2002

The cash grant is paid only to:

  • eligible parents,
  • needy non-parent caretaker relatives,
  • legal guardians included in the assistance group,
  • children under age 19 who are in high school or the equivalent level of vocational or technical training and are expected to complete the schooling before reaching age 19.

Payments to persons eligible for a cash grant may be made by electronic benefits transfer (EBT) to an account accessed by a benefit security card or by direct deposit to the claimant’s checking or savings account.

For Temporary Assistance cases, the grant amount is the deficit rounded to the next lower dollar unless the deficit is $9.99 or less, in which case no cash payment is made.  13 CSR 40-2.310(14)).  This case is not eligible for Temporary Assistance. 

The initial assistance payment is prorated when the case is approved in the same month as the month of the application. The payment will be determined by multiplying the amount payable for a whole month by the ratio of the days in the month from the date of application to the end of the month to the number of days in a standard thirty- (30-) day month. When the application is not approved until the month following application, no payment is issued for the application month.