Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0220.005.00 Prompt Disposition

IM-121 December 31, 2007; IM-91 September 15, 2004

RSMo 208.130 states all benefits granted may be reconsidered by the Family Support Division (FSD) Director as frequently as necessary.

After establishing eligibility for assistance, ensure the participant remains eligible and adjust the grant when circumstances change.

At a minimum, Temporary Assistance eligibility is to be reviewed annually. A face-to-face interview is not required.

A Temporary Assistance reinvestigation can be completed using information from the food stamp application or recertification when all TA household members are part of the food stamp Eligibility Unit. When a reinvestigation of this type occurs, completion of the reinvestigation form is not required.

When a Temporary Assistance reinvestigation form (FA-202) is received within the same month that the case closed due to failure to complete and return a reinvestigation form, take appropriate action to cancel close the case and process the reinvestigation using current procedures. Refer to the Completing a Temporary Assistance (TA)/MO HealthNet (MHN)/Food Stamps (FS) Review in FAMIS user guide for instructions on how to complete a reinvestigation in FAMIS.

NOTE: Failure to enter a reinvestigation in FAMIS when the case was cancel closed during the same month the reinvestigation is due will cause FAMIS to begin the adverse action process again for failure to complete and return the reinvestigation form and results in a delinquent reinvestigation.  Therefore, the eligibility specialist must enter the reinvestigation during the same month the reinvestigation is due to avoid the case closing again and to avoid a delinquent reinvestigation.

EXAMPLE: Mr. Ely’s reinvestigation is due in February 2009. Mr. Ely failed to complete and return his reinvestigation form by the due date, and the case closed for failure to complete the reinvestigation.  On February 20, 2009, Mr. Ely provides his completed reinvestigation form. The eligibility specialist’s supervisor cancel closes the case.  The same day the eligibility specialist completes the reinvestigation in FAMIS following current procedures.