Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0225.015.00 Marriage of a Parent/Becoming a Stepparent

The income of a stepparent living with his/her spouse and Temporary Assistance stepchildren is deemed available from the date of marriage.  If the stepparent’s income, together with any other countable income, does not cause ineligibility, use the income to determine the grant amount.  Use stepparent budgeting procedures.  Use the reinvestigation form when a stepparent becomes a household member.

EXAMPLE:  The parent remarries on 8/1 and informs the caseworker on 8/2.  The stepparent has no children and is employed full time.  Complete a reinvestigation form.  Earnings are verified on 8/9.  Complete a budget, using stepparent budgeting procedures, showing no need.  Send advance notice proposing to close the case effective in September.  No hearing is requested.  Close the case for September after advance notice expires.