Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0225.050.00 Retroactive SSI Benefit/Determining Temporary Assistance Received

When a Temporary Assistance person is approved for SSI, that person is eligible for SSI retroactively to the month of application.  However, SSA subtracts any Temporary Assistance payment received by that person during this period of time from the retroactive SSI payment.

Determine the SSI recipient’s portion of the Temporary Assistance grant by taking the lesser of the following two figures:

  1. The participant’s incremental share of the percentage of need standard (e.g. removing the SSI person changes the need standard from $292 to $234, an incremental share of $58)
  2. The participant’s pro rata share of the total Temporary Assistance payment (e.g. if the family receives a $292 grant for three persons, this individual’s pro rata share is $292 divided by 3— $97.33)

When a Temporary Assistance participant applies for SSI, SSA staff use the incremental share as an alleged portion of the Temporary Assistance grant.  Using a Missouri need standard table, SSA determines the incremental share.  The participant must tell SSA if he/she is included in a Temporary Assistance grant. FSD staff will assist in providing necessary verification.

If the SSI application is later approved, the SSA office contacts FSD to verify Temporary Assistance payment amounts and number of individuals included in the payment for all months of concurrent SSI and Temporary Assistance eligibility.  SSA also requests the last month the SSI person is included in the Temporary Assistance payment.  This contact informs FSD of the individual’s approval for SSI benefits.

Once SSA receives the Temporary Assistance payment information, SSA determines whether to use the incremental amount or the pro rata share when determining the amount of the SSI retroactive payment.