Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0230.005.00 Participation in Wage Supplementation

Participants must receive Temporary Assistance to qualify for participation in Wage Supplementation.  If the Temporary Assistance case will close before the supplemented employment begins, the individual is not eligible to participate in Wage Supplementation.

Employment in Wage Supplementation does not affect the cash grant in a case where the participant is also a caretaker payee (C) on another Temporary Assistance case.

The diverted benefits include the Temporary Assistance grant.  The diversion amount equals the state averaged amount of benefits.  The maximum diversion period per individual is 12 months.  The 12 months do not have to be consecutive.  When determining the 12 months of diversion include participation months in all Wage Supplementation programs.  This rule applies to participation in Wage Supplementation, the 12 Month Program (21D) and the 21st Century Program (21A-available in Jackson County only).

Temporary Assistance recipients while participating in a Wage Supplementation program will not expend months against their 60-month lifetime limit.  Participants who enter Wage Supplementation will stop the 60 month count beginning with the first month the cash grant is diverted to the employer.  The months shall not count towards the 60-month lifetime limit during the entire wage supplemented period.  This rule applies to all Wage Supplementation programs, the 12 Month Program (21D), and the 21st Century Program (21A-available in Jackson County only).