Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0230.010.00 Overpayments – Wage Supplementation

Repayment of an overpayment by means of recoupment cannot continue when a case enters wage supplementation.  Prior to placing in Wage Supplementation, the caseworker/case manager will check for Temporary Assistance overpayments. Overpayments must be repaid in full, or have a signed agreement to repay monthly, before any member of the household can participate in a wage supplemented job.  Discuss repayment arrangements with the potential wage supplement employee.  Refusal to make arrangements for the overpayment makes all members of the household ineligible for placement in a supplemented job.  After the supplemented placement, update the claims system to reflect the repayment agreement.  Removal of the recoupment from the IMU5 system must be accomplished before the case manager enters the Wage Supplementation component code (21D).