Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0230.020.00 Frozen Grant Amount – Wage Supplementation

The Wage Supplement component code (21D) must be entered by the case manager before payroll closing to ensure diversion of the benefits for the following month.  After 21D is entered, the system freezes the grant amount.

Entry of the component code 21D updates ICAS, IMU5, and IPAR to show case status as WGSUP3.  Entry of 21D updates IPAY and FPAY to show Payment Status as WS3.

The Temporary Assistance frozen grant amount cannot be adjusted for any reason until the Wage Supplementation component 21D is ended.  The frozen amount will be stored separately and may not be reflected on ICAS/IPAY.  When a case adjustment changes the Temporary Assistance grant amount, ICAS/IPAY will continue to report the adjusted amounts.  Retroactive and deficiency payments cannot be requested once Wage Supplementation has started.

During the Wage Supplemented period, budget adjustments must be completed on active cases to reflect changes in circumstances. Notices of Adverse Action (IM-80) will be sent while the individual is in Wage Supplementation.  Add a note to the IM-80 explaining the grant amount is the amount the participant would receive if they were no longer in a wage supplemented job. Appropriate notices will be sent when Wage Supplementation ends to inform the participant of the status of both of the Temporary Assistance case.