Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0240.005.20 Participant Changes Answer to Screening Question(s)

IM-96 November 6, 2013; IM-19 February 20, 2013

The applicant has the right to change the answer to their screening question or waiver question. The answer may be changed while in the controlled flow. Once out of the controlled flow, but before the TA case is approved, the eligibility specialist must re-enter the controlled flow to update the answer to the TA Drug Screening (TADRUG/FMN0) screen or the TA Drug Test Waiver (DRTWAIV/FMN4) screen. A new FA-102 must be printed and signed for those who change the answer to their screening question before the application is approved.

A referral to the Department of Mental Health, the drug testing vendor, or the Division of Legal Services is not made until the application is processed completely and approved.

Once the case is approved, the TA participant can still change their answer, provided a hearing hasn’t been held, a drug test hasn’t been completed, or they have not entered a substance abuse treatment program. If the answer to the screening question must be changed/corrected after completing the controlled flow in FAMIS, a new Interview Summary (FA-102) must be printed and signed by the participant and maintained in the case record.

NOTE: A change to the screening question after leaving the controlled flow can only be made by State Office staff. To request a change in the screening question email FSD.COLETAPOLICY@dss.mo.gov with a subject line CHANGE RESPONSE TO TA DRUG SCREENING. The name and Department Client Number must be included in the email.