Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0240.015.05 No Shows and Refusal to Cooperate With the Treatment Process

IM-40 May 1, 2015; IM-19 February 20, 2013

DMH notifies the FSD when a participant does not appear for their scheduled assessment, or does not cooperate with the treatment process.

DMH sends email verification to the residence county FSD office email address of the following:

  • Date the participant entered the substance abuse treatment program and the name of the substance abuse treatment facility
  • Date and reason the participant was discharged from the DMH consumer information system if the participant does not complete the substance abuse treatment program

Update the treatment facility and end reason on the TA Drug Treatment Facility screen. The system will generate an Adverse Action Notice (FA-510) and begin the process to disqualify the individual. See Updating the Drug Treatment Facility Screen for step by step instructions.