Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0240.030.05 Protective Payee is Ended

IM-#19 February 20, 2013

There may be times when the protective payee is ended, but the Temporary Assistance (TA) case is still open, and the head-of-household still has a drug test-related disqualification.  When this happens, a new protective payee must be assigned.  Follow procedures outlined in 0240.030.00  and generate the Appointed Protective Payee for TA Benefits (FA-603) form to the new protective payee.  Update the Representative Detail (FMJG) screen with the new protective payee.  Refer to FAMIS User Guide:  ADDING/UPDATING/ENDING AN AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE/PROTECTIVE PAYEE FOR FOOD STAMPS AND TEMPORARY ASSISTANCE for further information on entering and ending a protective payee.