Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0245.020.05 TA Work Requirement (COMPACT/FM8B) Screen

IM-79 September 29, 2008

Families that receive TEB must work a certain number of hours per week as outlined in Section 0245.010.00 TEB Eligibility. The weekly work hours, method of verification (VER), and verification date (VER DATE) must be recorded on the TA Work Requirement (COMPACT/FM8B) screen in order for a family to receive TEB. Hard copy (HC) and telephone call to the employer (TC) are the only verification codes that will allow a family to receive TEB.

NOTE: Any time a change in work hours is reported for Temporary Assistance or TEB, the TA Work Requirement (COMPACT/FM8B) screen should be updated with the current information. This information is used for federal reporting requirements of work participation rates.