Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

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IM-79 September 29, 2008

A new application is required for a family who wishes to receive Temporary Assistance benefits. If a family applies for Temporary Assistance and is currently receiving TEB, FAMIS will close the TEB case upon approval of Temporary Assistance and an Action Notice (FA-150) is generated to the participant. No Adverse Action Notice (FA-510) is required for the TEB case.

When a Temporary Assistance application is approved for a month in which the family has received TEB, the fifty ($50.00) dollar TEB is included as unearned income on the Temporary Assistance budget and the cash grant is adjusted accordingly. The Income Summary Detail (INCSUMM/FM33) shows the TEB grant as a source (SRCE) TA. The TA Budget Summary (FM4D) screen has a new field titled “Grant Amt Reduced by TEB” to show why the GRANT AMOUNT field is different than the MAX ALLOWED field.

TEB displays on the Budget Summary (TABUDSUM/FM4D) screen and the Payment History (PAYHIST/FM5F) screen.