Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0245.050.00 TEB Issuances

IM-79 September 29, 2008

The first TEB payments will be made in November 2008 for families who lose eligibility for Temporary Assistance in October 2008 and meet TEB eligibility requirements. Payments for TEB will be the same as current TA policy and made by electronic benefits transfer (EBT) to an account accessed by a benefit security card or by direct deposit to the participant’s checking or savings account. See EBT Manual 0150.000.00 Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) System/Direct Deposit for additional information.

A new option “Include TEB (Y/N)” has been added to the Payment History (PAYHIST/FM5F) screen. When a “Y” is entered in this field for the TA cash case, the system displays both TA Cash and TEB payment history. When an “N” is entered in this field, the system displays TA Cash only payment history.