Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0262.015.20 Sponsors

Most of the refugees resettled in a community have a local sponsor and will have been resettled by one of the national volunteer agencies. The sponsor may be an individual, a church, a civic organization, a state or local government, or other local group or organization.

In resettling the refugee, the resettlement agency and the sponsor have a commitment to provide:

  • shelter;
  • food;
  • clothing;
  • pocket money;
  • assistance in finding employment;
  • assistance with the enrollment of children in school; and
  • cover ordinary medical costs.

Once employment is found, the sponsor helps the refugee locate permanent housing, acquire minimal furniture, and arrange for utilities.

An application for Temporary Assistance (TA) may occur when the material needs of the refugee exceed the assistance which is provided by the sponsor. TA can be a necessary supplement while the sponsor continues to meet some of the needs of the refugee, maintaining the personal relationship with the refugee, and helping with orientation and seeking employment. The sponsor and the resettlement agency may also offer necessary supportive services such as providing or locating transportation, child care, and interpreter services. If MWA funds are used to pay Transportation Reimbursement Expenses (TRE) and/or Work Related Expenses (WRE) for refugees, ensure that these payments do not duplicate payments made by the resettlement agency.