Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0262.020.05.20 Custodial Caretaker of a Child Under Age 12 Weeks (Exemption Code 01)

IM-85 July 5, 2017

An individual who is a custodial caretaker of a child who has not attained 12 weeks of age may choose to be exempt from work activities. This exemption may be used by any caretaker, with certain exceptions as noted below.

NOTE: For two-parent households only ONE parent may receive the 12-week exemption, the other parent must be coded “D” mandatory to participate with work activities if both parents are receiving Temporary Assistance due to deprived based on financial need. The two-parent household has the option to share the 12-week exemption, but cannot take the 12-week exemption simultaneously for the same child.

EXCEPTION: When one parent is coded exempt due to permanent disability (06), the EU is now considered a single parent household. The non-disabled parent can claim the exemption for a child less than 12 weeks of age (01).

NOTE: This exemption does NOT apply to Teen Parents.

NOTE: These exempt individuals are subject to the forty-five (45) month lifetime limit.

NOTE: FAMIS will send all individuals coded as exempt, E (01) to the Missouri Work Assistance (MWA) program as a volunteer during their 12-week exemption period. After the 12 weeks have been exhausted FAMIS will automatically change the individuals to mandatory (D). Follow up with FSD /TA TEAM within 10 days, (via DISTI@dss.mo.gov email) if the participant’s status does not change to volunteer.