Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0270.010.00 Federal Month & Federal Week for Federal Reporting Requirements

A federal month is based on the month in which the last Friday falls.  A federal week begins on Saturday and ends on Friday.  To determine when the federal week of a month begins, find the first Friday in the month.  The federal work week starts on the Saturday preceding the first Friday.  A Temporary Assistance (TA) recipient must engage in work activities according to the federal work week, and must meet the required work participation activity hours for the federal month.

Example:  The federal month of August, 2010 began on July 31, 2010.  The first Friday in August is August 6th.  The federal week begins on a Saturday.  The Saturday immediately preceding the first Friday in August is July 31.  Therefore the federal month for August begins July 31, 2010.  The work participation hours for any activity must begin July 31, 2010 or later in order to be considered for the month of August, 2010.

The weeks in the federal month of August, 2010 are:

Week 1: 7/31/10-8/6/10
Week 2: 8/7/10-8/13/10
Week 3: 8/14/10-8/20/10
Week 4: 8/21/10-8/27/10

Refer to MWA Calendar for further examples.