Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0275.020.00 Unsubsidized Employment Work Activity (Core)

The primary goal for Temporary Assistance (TA) recipients is obtaining and sustaining unsubsidized paid employment, and to no longer depend on TA to support their family.

Unsubsidized paid employment is any bona fide job in which the wages (at least federal or state minimum wage) are fully paid by the employer (at no cost to the government).  A TA recipient may already be employed when referred to a Missouri Work Assistance (MWA) service provider, or may become employed while enrolled in MWA.

This core activity for recipients can also be used to meet non-core work participation requirements.

Temporary Assistance (TA) recipients in this activity are supervised in the same manner as all other individuals employed by the worksite.

Unsubsidized employment includes:

  • Paid assessments to determine if recipient is able to obtain a specific employment opportunity including employer-required tests paid by the employer such as:
    • typing
    • a physical
    • psychological exam
    • aptitude
    • personality
    • drug
  • Full-time unsubsidized employment
  • Employment by a temporary agency
  • Paid clinicals, paid apprenticeships, and paid internships (when paid by the employer)
  • Substance abuse and mental health treatment paid by the employer
  • Compensation in Lieu of Wages
  • Self-Employment

NOTE: Self-employment and compensation in lieu of wages alone may not lead to self-sufficiency. Use discretion when discussing or encouraging these activities for the TA recipient.