Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0275.035.00 Job Search and Job Readiness Assistance (Core)

The Job Search and Job Readiness Assistance activities are limited to 240 hours for single parent households and 360 hours for two-parent households for the previous 12-month period.  This activity is allowed for four consecutive weeks, with every fifth week “off”.  The consecutive weeks begin as soon as the recipient has an hour of participation in this activity for a federal week.  In cases where the recipient is in the activity for less than the four week period, the “consecutive week” counting starts over when he/she starts the activity again.

This is core activity for recipients can also be used to meet non-core work participation requirements.

Example:  John is in job search for weeks 1, 2, and 3 and then does not job search for week 4.  If he begins this activity again, the consecutive week counting starts over.

NOTE: If the Temporary Assistance (TA) recipient engaged in a Job Search or Job Readiness Assistance activity does not participate for their required participation hours, the Job Search/Job Readiness hours are reported to the Federals in an “other” category and not count toward the allowable 240 or 360 hours.