Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0275.035.05 Job Search

Temporary Assistance (TA) recipients engaged in Job Search look for suitable jobs by making contact with potential employers.  The recipient presents himself/herself to a prospective employer as available for work.  The prospective employer ordinarily employs persons in areas of work that meet suitable work requirements for which the TA recipient is reasonably qualified by means of experience, training, or ability.

TA recipients placed in job search are ready to begin employment.  Recipients are assigned to Job Search in weekly increments.  Job Search may be assigned for two weeks if the recipient demonstrates a difficulty with transportation.  Due to the limited allowable hours, the Missouri Work Assistance (MWA) case manager should maintain weekly contacts to monitor progress with recipients participating in this activity.

Countable hours for Job Search include:

  • Completing in-person applications;
  • Attending interviews either on the phone or in-person;
  • Responding to classified advertisements;
  • Completing online applications either at home or at the employer’s worksite;
  • Attending, completing employment applications, and speaking with potential employers at job fairs;
  • Online research through MissouriCareerSource.com;
  • A minimum bi-weekly, post-job search assessment with the TA recipient, and guidance by the MWA case manager which includes:
    • Using the information obtained from the TA recipient and the MWA Job Search log to assess for deficiencies or strengths apparent in the most recent search.
    • Reviewing each MWA Job Search log and verifying at least one of the contacts:
      • If verification shows an error in the job search, complete additional research and do not count this toward work participation requirements.
      • Any incorrect entries do not count toward work participation requirements.
    • Reviewing each MWA Job Search log for completeness and if the MWA Job Search log is not complete, work with the TA recipient to complete.  If it is not possible for the TA recipient and case manager to complete the log due to lack of information, the hours do not count toward the work participation requirement;
    • Making modifications to the Individual Employment Plan (IEP) based on results of the most recent search;
    • Suggesting strategies and encouraging the TA recipient when he/she is only marginally successful, or unsuccessful in the job search;
    • Stopping the job searching when it becomes evident that the TA recipient is not prepared to obtain or maintain employment.