Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0275.040.35 AWEP/CWEP and Community Service Program Characteristics

The Alternative Work Experience Program (AWEP)/Community Work Experience Program (CWEP) and Community Service Program positions are volunteer activities (not paid).  Since these two Missouri Work Experience (MWA) activities are very similar, below is a listing of the differences:

  • AWEP/ CWEP may include employment in the private or public sector; the Community Service Program is employment in the public sector only.
  • AWEP/CWEP are generally individual positions; the Community Service Program may be multiple positions at the same employer.
  • AWEP/CWEP can be self-initiated; the Community Service Program may not be self-initiated (the TA recipient can ask the volunteer site to allow them to work).
  • AWEP/CWEP is used to master very specific skills of that particular business; the Community Service Program is used to obtain soft skills at any employer.