Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0275.045.05 Community Service Worksite Agreement

To be considered as a work site, organizations apply to the local MWA service providers in the region/area, and complete the “MWA Community Service Worksite Agreement” form.  The employer provides a list of skills to be performed for each “job” opening they have.  Employers indicate the number of hours available for each position.

Approved employers are placed on a regional listing of potential worksites, and each Community Service participant is matched to the worksite that best meets his/her needs, whenever possible.  If the employer needs to add additional positions at a later date, they may complete the MWA Community Service Worksite Agreement Addendum.

Community Service Program worksites must:

  • Meet appropriate health and safety standards;
  • Employ at least one other employee;
  • Provide daily supervision as with any other employee; and
  • Sign the “MWA Community Service Worksite Agreement” that provides information on the employer responsibilities which include monitoring attendance and performance.

Refer to the MWA Community Service Worksite Agreement for terms the worksite must agree to in order to become a Community Service Program worksite.