Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0275.045.15 Time Allowed in Community Service Program

After the TA recipient has been engaged in the Community Service Program, reassess the TA recipient at a minimum of 90 days to determine if the recipient is able to participate in more appropriate activities.  This reassessment includes:

  • Case manager contact with the Community Service Program worksite supervisor to determine if the TA recipient has been able to complete the soft skills required (such as those described above).  The employer should use the same criteria required for any other employee when making this determination.
  • Case manager contact with the TA recipient and a review of the mandated ‘MWA Assessment’ on file.

Once the employer and the TA recipient have been contacted, the reassessment completed, and the desired soft skills have been obtained, place the TA recipient in another suitable activity.  If the assessment finds the recipient still needs soft skills and should continue in the Community Service Program, enter case notes explaining the soft skills the recipient needs to obtain and how this will be accomplished.

If for any reason the case manager feels the TA recipient needs to pursue Community Service past two 90-day periods, s/he needs to send a request through the proper communication channels to the Family Support Division (FSD) Central Office.