Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0280.010.05 Authorizing WRE Payments

Work Related Expenses are the sole responsibility of the contractor.

The contractor must maintain WRE payment records which includes at a minimum:

  • Name, DCN, and Social Security Number of the person receiving WRE
  • Name of vendor receiving payment
  • Date of payment
  • Amount of payment
  • Method of payment

NOTE:  WRE payments must not be paid directly to the TA recipient.


Allowable Work Related Expenses



Application Fee for GED

  • If recipient is fully participating or agrees to fully participate in work activities, this can be paid even if he/she is not a teen parent or does not have a non-core requirement and completing their GED does not count within an activity.

Automobile repair(s)

  • Used for the primary vehicle owned by the recipient. The MWA service provider must request proof of ownership (i.e.: a title), proof of insurance, and a valid driver’s license.
  • On a case-by-case basis, it can be used for a vehicle the recipient will ride in or drive to fully participate in work activities:
    • This should be carefully investigated as to why the recipient cannot obtain his/her own vehicle (i.e.: doesn’t have driver’s license, etc.) or other transportation.
    • Verify this will be a long-term solution or lead to a long-term solution (i.e.: If WRE of $50 puts brakes on the mother’s car, the recipient will have transportation for three months at which time the recipient will get their income tax and purchase a used automobile.)
    • The owner of the vehicle must provide proof of ownership, proof of insurance, and a valid driver’s license if the owner is transporting the TA recipient.
    • Owner of the vehicle must sign a statement that he/she will give this person rides as needed to participate in work activities or allow the recipient to drive the car for a certain period of time.
  • Two-parent households: if both parents are fully participating or agree to fully participate, the WRE can be combined to make repairs.
  • For repairs over $100, or if the MWA case manager questions the cost, the recipient must submit three estimates for the cost of the repairs.  It is left to the discretion of the MWA service provider if the estimates must come from certain vendors that may be more reasonable in cost.
  • WRE funds can be used to purchase automobile parts to be installed by someone other than an auto repair shop; however, the case manager should verify the individual who will install the parts is qualified to do the type of work required.
  • The mechanic or other authorized person should verify, to the best of his/her knowledge, this repair(s) will make the vehicle operable and is not just a short-term fix.
  • Diagnostic testing is allowable if the mechanic is unsure of the problem and there is no way to determine the cost unless this is completed.

Bicycle or Bicycle Parts

  • Allowable if used for transportation for work activities.

Car Insurance

  • Allowable up to three months for full coverage insurance total per 12-month period (if the recipient only needs liability, this is acceptable) since he/she will likely need other supports for going to work or school.
  • It is not recommended to use the entire $350 WRE funds on this.
  • Encourage the recipient to pay a portion of the insurance as he/she will have to make the payments in the future.
  • Only pay one month at a time to verify full participation is met.

Childcare Registration Fees

  • Does not count toward the $350 annual limit.
  • Provider does not have to be licensed or registered to request this fee; however, the childcare provider does need to have a written policy requiring this fee for all families.

College Application and      Entry Test Fees

  • Allowable

Criminal Background Check

  • Must be required by the employer for all employees (not just MWA recipients) in order to participate in a work activity.

Driver’s License Fees

  • Per the Missouri Department of Revenue, the length of the license and the fee associated with it depends on driver’s age:  if the driver is under or over 20 years of age.

Licensing Fees
(Including Safety Inspection   and Transfer Fees)

  • Only allowed for a one-year period.

Medical and Dental Expenses

  • Recipient must provide documentation that this will not be covered by MO HealthNet or private health care (i.e., statement showing not eligible for MO HealthNet; denial per dentist/doctor office; etc.).
  • Cannot be used for another recipient, even if he/she is married to this person.

Mortgage Payments

  • Can be paid in extenuating circumstances for short-term emergencies.
  • Recipient must provide documentation (i.e.: bill, loan, etc.) showing this is his/her responsibility.
  • Recipient needs to pay as much as he/she can.
  • Not recommended to use the entire $350 WRE funds on this since he/she will likely need other supports for going to work or school.

Personal Hygiene Items

  • Purchase of a reasonable amount of items such as:
    • Soap,
    • Deodorant,
    • Toothpaste and mouthwash,
    • Hair care items (i.e.: shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, brush, etc.).
    • Face cleaning scrubs,
    • Razors,
    • Makeup (foundation, eye shadow, lipstick, etc.),
    • Hair color, or
    • Manicure set.
  • The most cost effective method should be used and WRE purchases must be based on need.  Therefore, if a female recipient needs makeup for a job interview, it may be appropriate to purchase one foundation, one powder, one set of eye shadow, and one lipstick.  In this case, it would not be appropriate to take her to a high-end salon to purchase these products.

Personal Property Taxes

  • Done on a very limited basis, (i.e.: the recipient has to pay the taxes to obtain/license a vehicle).
  • Only pay the personal property tax for the vehicle needed for transportation.   Do not pay for other vehicles, a house, etc.
  • If there is more than one vehicle on the property tax, verify the recipient has the money to pay the rest of the bill and go with him/her to pay it, or have them mail the payment from the office, etc.
  • Encourage the recipient to pay as much as possible since he/she will need to pay this in the future.

Phone Cards

  • Allowable for up to one-hour at a time.
  • Recipient must use the card exclusively for work activities.


  • Can be paid in extenuating circumstances for short-term emergencies.
  • Recipient must provide a copy of the lease agreement with his/her name as the person responsible for payment.
  • Recipient needs to pay as much as he/she can.
  • Not recommended to use the entire $350 WRE funds on this since he/she will likely need other supports for going to work or school.

Sales Tax

  • Do not use for sales tax on the WRE purchase as the WRE item(s) is tax exempt.
  • Provide the appropriate tax-exempt documentation so sales tax is not charged.


  • Can be paid when this is a condition for the recipient to get his/her license back.

(Not Paid for By the Employer)

  • Includes any uniform required by the employer.


Union Dues to Allow a Recipient to Obtain or Continue Employment

  • Limited to once per union membership.  Example: A recipient joins a carpenter’s union, the fee can be paid. Later the recipient joins a HVAC union, the fee can be paid.  However, it cannot be paid to the carpenters union twice even if it is for different periods of time.

Work and/or School Supplies

  • Work tools required by the employer.
  • School supplies if required for the class.
  • Computer software required for a specific class.
  • Text books (including the GED booklet) if required for the class.

Work Clothes

  • WRE funds are not intended to purchase an entire wardrobe.
  • Necessary clothing should be purchased at the most reasonable price.
  • There is not a stipulation on how many of any piece of clothing may be purchased since this is case specific and there are many possible combinations of needs.  Example:
    • A recipient who works outside may need a pair of tennis shoes and a pair of boots, more than one pair of gloves, more than one hat, a winter coat, and a light weight coat.  However, the employer may supply uniforms.
    • A recipient who works in an office will likely need more than 1 pair of dress shoes.
    • A female recipient will likely need a purse.

Non-allowable Work-Related Expense Examples





Food and Drink


Household Cleaning Supplies


Items for Other Family Members

  • Example:
    • Diapers
    • Toys
    • Clothing

Items Pawned by Recipient




Legal Costs, Fines, Penalties, etc.


Rent Deposit

  • This is a refundable amount at the expiration of the lease.

Start-Up Costs or Costs to Operate Own Business

  • Example:
    • Toys, supplies, etc. for daycare.
    • Color, hair brushes, combs, hairdryer, etc. for hair salon.
    • Rakes, gas, shovels, etc. for lawn care
    • business.



Weight Loss Products