Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0285.005.15 Good Cause for Non-participation

If the recipient is not participating because of the following good cause reasons, the MWA case manager must work with the recipient to resolve these good cause reasons prior to recommending sanction:

  • Court required appearance or incarceration.
  • Emergency family crisis or sudden change of immediate family circumstances that renders participation unreasonable.
  • Breakdown in transportation arrangements with no readily accessible alternate means of transportation.
  • Breakdown in childcare arrangements including:
    • Availability of childcare is not suited for the special needs of the child for whom it is intended; or
    • Childcare necessary for participation is unavailable.
  • Lack of identified social services necessary for participation.  Examples include:
    • A drug and/or alcohol abuse problem and cannot obtain counseling;
    • A medical and/or mental health issue and cannot receive medical attention; and/or
    • No shelter and cannot receive the necessary help to obtain shelter.
  • The employment results in the recipient’s family suffering from a net loss of cash income.  Net loss of cash income exists if the family’s gross income (less necessary work-related expenses and any childcare costs paid by the recipient) is less than the cash assistance the TA recipient was receiving when the employment offer was made.  (The MWA service provider must work in a coordinated effort with local FSD to make this determination.)
  • Other good cause reasons such as inclement weather or personal illness.

NOTE:  When the MWA case manager disagrees with the recipient on good cause, a supervisor must review the case and make the determination.  If good cause is not granted, the reason(s) should be explained to the recipient and documented in the case record.